This sector is concerned with securing shelter for refugees and displaced people within good housing conditions inside Syria and in neighboring countries, especially in Turkey and Lebanon, which provides them with security and protection from the cold of winter and summer heat, in addition to equipping the basic infrastructure for the residents of the various shelters, including camps, prefabricated homes and residential complexes. The tasks of the shelter sector include establishing housing units and centers, equipping them, managing them, taking care of them and securing their various needs, in an effort to alleviate the suffering of the displaced after going through extremely difficult humanitarian conditions that forced them to leave their villages to save their lives. Projects of the shelter sector

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Shelter for Injured Project

Shelter for Injured Project: The war in Syria has not only damaged buildings, hospitals and schools, but also has afflicted many civilians with complete or partial disability. Thousands of injured cannot find shelters and care centers to take care of them after they were injured. They find no one to care for them and help them, especially those who have lost their limbs. Here comes the idea of establishing permanent shelters for the injured, to accommodate them and provide them with complete care on a permanent basis. (Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia) sponsors three shelters for the injured in Aleppo countryside, Idlib countryside and Turkey. More than 458 injured benefit from these centers.

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Syrian Orphan Village Project

Syrian Orphan Village Project It is well known to anyone, the humanitarian catastrophe that Syria is subjected to as a result of the war raging for more than nine years and more. This war has resulted in human and material losses. More than a million martyrs, half a million detainees, and hundreds of thousands of children have become orphans with no breadwinner and their mothers are outside Syria. The complete destruction of most schools and hospitals.. Due to the lack of organizations working on the file of orphans in Syria and the increase in the number of orphans day after day, there was a need to establish a village for orphans to provide shelter for them and their mothers and provide educational and health care for them in addition to psychological and social support. This project aims to take care of orphans in all respects, to raise them and to offer them a correct Islamic education, and to provide all means of success for them so that they become in the future people who carry valuable ideas that they spread in his society (Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia) aims to take care of 1500 orphans and their families inside this village.

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Tent Wakaf project

The tent donation project is considered one of the most important humanitarian projects in the shelter sector at (Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia) That is because this project serves a large number of displaced people who fled from killing and persecution. This project works to establish camps on the Turkish-Syrian border in coordination with Turkish organizations to accommodate newly displaced families who do not have shelter. One tent is provided for every family in addition to completely preparing it and providing food aid to them on a regular basis. The families’ health will be checked by the medical team working there, in order to ensure their safety. (Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia) has established nearly 537 tents so far in northern Syria About 3228 people benefit from these tents, most of them children and women.

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