Explosive barrels are hitting again.. Dozens of victims due to raids by the regime on Idlib


Posted on: 12-09-2020

Aljazeerah reporter said that 11 civilians including children were killed and dozens were injured because the Syrian regime helicopter targeted residential neighborhoods with explosive barrels in Muhambal town in western Idlib countryside The reporter added that the bombardment last night caused huge destruction in civilians buildings and properties, and it resulted in fires in the shops. He clarifies that dozens of families fled fearing that they will be targeted again The Syrian civil defense in Idlib said that among the killed people are 4 children and 3 women , and among the injured are 7 children. The bombardment caused fires and huge destruction in houses The civil defense confirmed on its website on Facebook that a jet fighter and helicopters targeted the town, and it said that Idlib countryside was attacked by around 40 air raids and around 140 shells launched by the Syrian regime forces German news agency said according to a source in civil defense in Idlib that the warplanes that targeted Muhambal took off from Hama Military Airport "The new raids on Idlib countryside (which is a part of an agreement to reduce the escalation sponsored by Russia, Turkey and Iran) are part of a large military operation launched by the Syrian regime supported by Russia at the end of April, and left so far more than 2100 dead, including about six hundred civilians, and caused displacement of tens of thousands of civilians." Source: Aljazeerah + news agencies+ social media
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