Sunset in the mountains
humanitarian Posted on: 14-10-2020
Thunderstorms, torrential rain and snow destroying Syrian refugees’ tents in Lebanon
Thunderstorms, torrential rain and snow destroying Syrian refugees’ tents in Lebanon:

Every winter, snow covers Arsal, a mountain town on the Lebanese-Syrian border, after successive snowstorms that are common in such mountainous areas, leaving the Syrian refugee camps in a miserable state Refugee tents are flooded with water or destroyed by snow.

The temperature is ranging between -4 and -8 degrees Celsius Fatima Al-Hajji, a Syrian activist, explained that there are two types of disasters befall refugee camps after storms. The first type, Fatima says, hits Arsal region in the northern Bekaa, where snow does not differentiate between the rich and the poor.

As for the second type of disaster, it affected the central and eastern regions, where entire camps flooded Fatima estimates that there are thousands of families who have not received any aid including heating oil last winter "We call for help without success" Eight years ago, Aladdin Tarn might have complained that the water in his house was cut off during rationing times, but he never imagined that he would complain about the flooding of water in his house - or rather, his tent - one day The harsh winter in the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon is not a new issue for Alaa and his neighbors, but with the coming of freezing snowstorms, they have moved to a new phase of the Syrian displacement Alaa, a father of four children, chose to stay in his tent. He says in his conversation with us: "I use firewood to warm my family, as diesel is not available, and if it is there we keep it for the coldest nights. We only use the heater when we're literally about to freeze" 
On some days of the storm, the water was sixty centimeters above the ground, however, Alaa and his family did not leave the camp to join other families in the shelters Helem Amer, 85 years old, said while wrapping herself in a blanket inside her flimsy tent, “I cannot do anything for myself .. I have no oil for heating.. I have nothing ... There is no one to help us but God."

Abdullah Muqdah who also lives in Arsal added, “We don't have diesel. People are tearing clothes and burning them with plastic to keep warm. This is the worst situation we have faced in years The torrents also made the mattresses wet with water… Many tents are destroyed, forcing families to flee." 

There are elderly and sick people ... There are many tents in which three or two families live together; those whose tent is damaged, they go and live with their relatives or neighbor". "Snow and the cold are merciless," he added It is worth noting that the suffering of the Syrians is increasing more and more and exacerbated with the onset of winter The Syrians fled from the hell of bombardment to the asylum camps, hoping that it would protect them from the madness and woes of war. 

Sadly, the curses of displacement chased them, as the cold inflicted the bodies of their children, and the rainwater permeated their tents, drowning their beds and leaving them under the mercy of frost.
Sunset in the mountains
humanitarian Posted on: 14-10-2020
A doctor tells painful details of the death of a child due to the cold in the camps of northern Syria
A doctor tells painful details of the death of a child due to the cold in the camps of northern Syria: Because of the extreme cold, shortness of breath, and a feeling of freezing, a displaced Syrian girl died in a camp in Afrin countryside, north of Aleppo. The doctor, “Hussam Adnan,” shared on his Facebook page, the details of bringing the child to the hospital in which he works in Afrin. He said: “The child arrived today at the hospital in Afrin. Her father brought her from their tent, which is a few kilometers away from our hospital, because she suffers from a minor respiratory illness. He brought everything he had in his worn-out tent to warm her up. He covered her making himself a heater to bring warmth to her small heart “. He added: “He embraced her with all his strength and with his heart, and sent down his warm tears moisturizing her beautiful face. He walked from five in the morning facing the snow and the winds. He walked over the rubble of his homeland, stumbled few times so he put her over his head. The winds surrounded him, so and covered her with his back. Among the ice-filled pits he walked with his worn shoes. His limbs froze, but his heart remained hugging her. He walked for two hours before he reached our hospital. The doctor continued, saying: “With great difficulty, we separated his body and his heart from her, then we examined her angelic face and found her smiling, but she was motionless, we tried to check her and save her...She was dead an hour ago and he was carrying her body on the road without knowing.” The doctor expressed his sorrow for what happened to the girl, saying: “O grief of the whole world, O my helplessness and broken heart, and all the tears of the earth, O sea of helplessness, O woe, we are the warm ones behind our heater and under the roofs of our homes participated in killing her, everyone did because they did not help her … You all participated in killing her ”. It is worth noting that last winter, around twenty children died in camps in the countryside of Idlib, Aleppo, and Arsal( Lebanon), due to low temperatures, lack of good heating devices, and block of roads due to thick snow, torrents, and floods.
Sunset in the mountains
humanitarian Posted on: 12-09-2020
Within 6 months, 700 detainees have passed away in the regime prisons in Hama
"Syrians for truth and justice" organization announced on Wednesday that the Syrian regime has informed the families of 700 detainees from Hama of their death since early 2019 The organization clarified in a report posted on its website that the regime has sent notifications to civil registration centers about death of those detainees. Death certificates have beed handed to families gradually without giving them the bodies. "Syrian network for human rights" unveiled in a report published in late April that the regime has informed civil registration centers in the country about death of 890 detainees since May 2018 The regime keeps hundreds of thousands of detainees for political reasons, where they undergo severe torture according to many local, reginal, and international human rights reports based on documents, photos, recordings, and witnesses of survivors New York Times newspaper unveiled details about atrocities committed by the Syrian regime against thousands of detainees in prisons under the regime campaign to suppress and mute the opposition And the newspaper said in a long report published last month about governmental letters documenting detention, torture, and death in prisons, those letters have been smuggled outside Syria and then investigators of International Commission of Jurists got them The documents show that senior security officers knew about the violations committed inside prisons, and they are the ones who ordered suppressing civilians and treating specific detainees violently More than 6 thousands new arbitrary arrest cases were recorded last year which is a quarter more than the year before. And the report points to more than 128 thousand Syrian who entered prisons and never released, they are either been killed or still in prisons The newspaper added that around 14 thousand people were killed due to torture under very harsh circumstances described by the UN investigations as "genocide" Source: Aljazeerah network
Sunset in the mountains
humanitarian Posted on: 12-09-2020
Explosive barrels are hitting again.. Dozens of victims due to raids by the regime on Idlib
Aljazeerah reporter said that 11 civilians including children were killed and dozens were injured because the Syrian regime helicopter targeted residential neighborhoods with explosive barrels in Muhambal town in western Idlib countryside The reporter added that the bombardment last night caused huge destruction in civilians buildings and properties, and it resulted in fires in the shops. He clarifies that dozens of families fled fearing that they will be targeted again The Syrian civil defense in Idlib said that among the killed people are 4 children and 3 women , and among the injured are 7 children. The bombardment caused fires and huge destruction in houses The civil defense confirmed on its website on Facebook that a jet fighter and helicopters targeted the town, and it said that Idlib countryside was attacked by around 40 air raids and around 140 shells launched by the Syrian regime forces German news agency said according to a source in civil defense in Idlib that the warplanes that targeted Muhambal took off from Hama Military Airport "The new raids on Idlib countryside (which is a part of an agreement to reduce the escalation sponsored by Russia, Turkey and Iran) are part of a large military operation launched by the Syrian regime supported by Russia at the end of April, and left so far more than 2100 dead, including about six hundred civilians, and caused displacement of tens of thousands of civilians." Source: Aljazeerah + news agencies+ social media
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