Within 6 months, 700 detainees have passed away in the regime prisons in Hama


Posted on: 12-09-2020

"Syrians for truth and justice" organization announced on Wednesday that the Syrian regime has informed the families of 700 detainees from Hama of their death since early 2019 The organization clarified in a report posted on its website that the regime has sent notifications to civil registration centers about death of those detainees. Death certificates have beed handed to families gradually without giving them the bodies. "Syrian network for human rights" unveiled in a report published in late April that the regime has informed civil registration centers in the country about death of 890 detainees since May 2018 The regime keeps hundreds of thousands of detainees for political reasons, where they undergo severe torture according to many local, reginal, and international human rights reports based on documents, photos, recordings, and witnesses of survivors New York Times newspaper unveiled details about atrocities committed by the Syrian regime against thousands of detainees in prisons under the regime campaign to suppress and mute the opposition And the newspaper said in a long report published last month about governmental letters documenting detention, torture, and death in prisons, those letters have been smuggled outside Syria and then investigators of International Commission of Jurists got them The documents show that senior security officers knew about the violations committed inside prisons, and they are the ones who ordered suppressing civilians and treating specific detainees violently More than 6 thousands new arbitrary arrest cases were recorded last year which is a quarter more than the year before. And the report points to more than 128 thousand Syrian who entered prisons and never released, they are either been killed or still in prisons The newspaper added that around 14 thousand people were killed due to torture under very harsh circumstances described by the UN investigations as "genocide" Source: Aljazeerah network
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