Syrian Orphan Village Project

Syrian Orphan Village Project It is well known to anyone, the humanitarian catastrophe that Syria is subjected to as a result of the war raging for more than nine years and more. This war has resulted in human and material losses. More than a million martyrs, half a million detainees, and hundreds of thousands of children have become orphans with no breadwinner and their mothers are outside Syria. The complete destruction of most schools and hospitals.. Due to the lack of organizations working on the file of orphans in Syria and the increase in the number of orphans day after day, there was a need to establish a village for orphans to provide shelter for them and their mothers and provide educational and health care for them in addition to psychological and social support. This project aims to take care of orphans in all respects, to raise them and to offer them a correct Islamic education, and to provide all means of success for them so that they become in the future people who carry valuable ideas that they spread in his society (Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia) aims to take care of 1500 orphans and their families inside this village.

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