Small business financing

Small, medium or micro businesses constitute more than 95% of the businesses in the world. It provides tremendous opportunities to increase economic growth, income, and employment. Refugees can also benefit, as they are former business owners in their country of origin or hoping to become business owners in countries of asylum or places to which they were displaced within their own country. We at (Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia) are committed to helping refugee entrepreneurs and business owners to develop new livelihoods or re-launch enterprises in countries of displacement. In order to match their skills with the opportunities available in the market, we conduct professional training for them in a number of fields. Through entrepreneurship training, our teams work to equip refugees with essential skills such as developing business plans, money management, pricing and marketing. When establishing businesses, many refugees are provided with start-up grants. These grants are intended for those who are not eligible for loans, or when access to financial services is limited. The grant can be given in the form of productive assets for their businesses or in the form of cash that refugees can use to purchase start-up equipment and materials. Grants are only offered to refugees who have developed viable business plans that have been approved by the consultants.

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