Sponsorship of modest families

“(These charities are meant) for those needy who are (so) confined in the way of Allâh that they are unable to move about in the land (for providing their sustenance). The person ignorant (of their condition) thinks them free from want, because of (their)modesty and abstaining (from begging). But you shall know them by their appearance (that they are in need). They do not beg of people with importunity. And whatever good thing you spend (for their help) Allâh knows it surely well.” (Surah Al-Baqarah/ 273) (Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia) launched the Sponsorship of Modest Families project who are displaced, poor and needy in the camps of Syria and Lebanon. We seek, through this sponsorship, to contribute to the relief of these families after they lost everything they owned as a result of their displacement and the suffering they went through in Syria. The sponsorship costs RM500 monthly for one family with 5 members in average We aim to sponsor 1000 poor families to alleviate their suffering and satisfy their hunger.

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